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Men are simple ~ and that's not an insult when we're talking about sexual arousal! You know the drill: You give your partner that "come hither" eye or break out some sexy lingerie and it instantly gets him in the mood. Well, it takes a little more than that to get the sensual juices flowing for many women. In fact, it's often activities that have absolutely nothing to do with sex that make women want to do it in the first place.

Sound confusing? Well, it's really not. Foreplay starts long before you ever make it into the bedroom! It turns out that women whose partners pay attention to them outside the boudoir are more likely to feel sexual when he's in the mood. It can start with the simple act of him helping pack the kids' lunches or taking care of that pile of laundry that has sat there all day. And it's not just about the drudgery of daily chores! Men who check in with their partners emotionally ~ even if it's an hour of cuddle time in front of the TV at night or a conversation about the day ~ create the intimacy women crave.

Ultimately, it's that caring and sharing that women really look for in a long-term relationship. While hormones and neurochemicals take care of sex in the beginning, it's what we put into a relationship later on that keeps the sex coming (or going) for life!