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Life ~ Reflected in movies

Saw the movie Juno tonight. It was one of those movies you buy when it comes out so you can watch it again when you want to feel good.

While I was watching it I was thinking a little of my own life. Juno was the same age that my birth mother was when I was born. I would like to think that she had the same kind of support Juno had from the people around her when she decided to continue with her pregnancy and give me up for adoption. Since I've never met my birth parents and I don't know their story (except the brief description she left for me in the unidentifying information provided by the state) it's nice to think that maybe things weren't so bad for her, that maybe she was ok with her decision and just looked at it as a selfless act rather then something she may have been forced into.

I know it's just a movie but I guess without any real answers of my own I tend to grasp at fantasy...