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Time sure flies...

It seems the older I get the quicker time goes by. I remember as a kid summer vacation, Christmas and birthdays never came quick enough. Now, the days pass with a blink, weeks are gone in minutes and the years are quickly passing with too many things left undone.

Maybe it's just the holidays that get me thinking or the fact that my birthday falls just before Christmas and it gets me weirded out.

Yes, my birthday, that's a whole other subject. That's the day that marks the end and beginning of who I am. I know it doesn't make sense and I never try to explain it. I can't. It's just a feeling. My own private hell...


so, for me I never really noticed time marching by, in fact I always thought it was rather slow, until I had kids...after that the world started whizzing!!
i don't like my birthday much, either. To me it feels like marker, or a sort of deadline. Like I'm supposed to evaluate what I have and haven't done up to this age.

I'm getting better at not paying attention to those feelings.